Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

We offer private and group swim lessons for infants to adults. All of our classes are taught by certified American Red Cross instructors.  Each member is encouraged to progress at their own pace.  Class size is kept small to maximize instruction.  
Registration is required for all swim lessons.

Please call the front desk for the start date for next scheduled swim session. 



Pre-School classes: $25.00 per child 

Youth level classes: $30.00 per child

Adult classes: $30.00 per adult

See complete class description below schedule. 

Swim Lesson Class Description

Infant/Toddler and Parent
Ages:  6 months to 2 1/2 years old
Pre-requisite: Adult must be in the water child
This class is water exploration with primary skills being taught such as blowing bubbles, getting the face wet and kicking. 
Along with learning new skills, games and songs are introduced and water safety is stressed.
Pre-school I - Water Exploration
Ages: 3-5 years old
Pre-requisite: None
Children learn basic water skills by putting their faces in the water, they learn to blow bubbles, kick, float on front and back while being supported. 
Alternating arm action is introduced.
Pre-school II - Primary Skills
Ages 3-5 years old
Children will learn skills to where thay are comfortably submerge head fully, float on the front and back unsupported, introduce front crawl stroke and backstroke
arm movements.  The class will end with an orientation to deep water with assistance.
Pre-school III - Stroke Readiness
Ages: 3-5 years
Pre-requisite:  Must feel comfortable floating on front and back unsupported.
In this class, children will learn putting crawl stroke together, front and back glides with push-off.  An introduction to back crawl, rhythmic breathing and treading water.
Level I
Ages 6-12 years old
Pre-requisite: None
Students learn basic water skills such as getting the face in water, blowing bubbles, floating on front and back with support.
Students will also learn front arm action and kicking techniques.
Level II
Ages: 6-12 years old
Pre-requisite: Must be comfortable with face in the water
Students will learn to float and guide without support. 
They will also learn the front and back crawl strokes, rolling over from front to back and introduction to deep water.
Level III
Ages 6-12 years old
Pre-requisite:  Must be able to swim front crawl 5 yards and combination of backstrokes using choice of arm movement and kick 5 yards.
Students will learn to improve the front crawl and back crawl.  Learn elementary backstroke, treading water and introduction to diving and rhythmic breathing.
Level IV
Ages: 6-12 years old
Pre requisite: Must swim front crawl, back crawl and elementary swim for 5 yards.
Students will learn rotary breathing, swim longer distances and become more proficient in front crawl, back crawl and elementary backstroke. 
Students will learn sidestroke and be introduced to breast stroke.
Level V/Pre-Swim Team
Ages: 6-12 years old
Pre-requisite: Students must swim front crawl and back crawl for 25 yards.  Demonstrate scissors kick and breast stroke.
Students will learn competitive strokes, starts and turns and more advanced water safety skills.  Springboard divingis also introduced.
Ages: 13 years and older
Adults progress at their own pace with the help from an instructor.  Adults learn to relax, get comfortable with face in the water and learn basic strokes.