As an MAFC member, you choose the length of your membership.  By providing a 30-day notice and completing the appropriate forms found at the Front Desk, memberships may be cancelled, frozen or changed at any time. We have 7 membership categories for your convenience

Monthly membership fees may be paid in two ways:

Monthly Bank Draft
With this plan, MAFC automatically drafts your bank account each month for the appropriate fees.

Annual Payment

If you prefer to make an annual payment, we will bill you each June for the following 12-month period.

Every MAFC membership includes access to:

  • Indoor Fitness Center
  • Onsight Novant Health and Wellness Center
  • Outdoor Waterpark
Group Fitness Classes - 90+ group fitness classes offere per week and there is NEVER an additional charge for any class.  


         Membership Category Descriptions


INDIVIDUAL:                      One adult person age 22 and up.                                $38.50/Month

*FAMILY:                             Up to 4 People.                                                          $65.00/Month

 Two adults permanently residing at the same address and up to two children.            

                                               (Children under the age of 5 are free.)

ADULT/CHILD:                   One adult age 18 and up & one child                              $45.00/Month

                                                permanently residing at the same address.

                                               (Children under the age of 5 are free.)

*COUPLE:                            Two adults age 18 and up permanently                        $50.00/Month

                                               residing at the same address.      

 SENIOR INDIVIDUAL:      One person age 55 and over.                                         $33.50/Month

*SENIOR COUPLE:             Two adults permanently residing at same address      $45.00/Month

                                                with at least one person age 55 and over.      

YOUTH:                                 Ages 14 to 21.                                                                  $28.50/Month

                                                For the young person who does not fall under a Family or Adult/Child Membership.

*Proof of address is required. (Drivers License, Bank Statement, Voided Check, or Utility Bill)


Monthly Pricing and Initial Joining Fee


Membership                                     Monthly Fee                           Joining Fee

Individual                                                       $38.50                                           $50.00

Family (Up to 4)                                             $65.00                                           $75.00

Adult/Child                                                     $45.00                                           $50.00

Couple                                                            $50.00                                           $50.00

Senior Couple (55 and Over)                          $45.00                                          $35.00

Senior Individual (55 and Over)                     $33.50                                          $35.00

Youth (14-21)                                                 $28.50                                           $25.00


Extra Children                                                $5.00 each

Grandchild                                                    $10.00 each

Extra Adult (Limit 1)                                   $15.00 each