Membership Categories

Membership Category Descriptions
*INDIVIDUAL:                    One adult person age 22 and up.                                $38.50/Month
*FAMILY:                             Up to 4 People.                                                          $65.00/Month
                                                Two adults permanently residing at the same address and up to two children.       
                                               (Children under the age of 5 are free.)
*ADULT/CHILD:                   One adult age 18 and up & one child                             $45.00/Month
                                                permanently residing at the same address.
                                               (Children under the age of 5 are free.)
*COUPLE:                            Two adults age 18 and up permanently                        $50.00/Month
                                                residing at the same address.      
 *SENIOR INDIVIDUAL:      One person age 55 and over.                                         $33.50/Month
*SENIOR COUPLE:             Two adults permanently residing at same address      $45.00/Month
                                                with at least one person age 55 and over.      
*YOUTH:                                 Ages 14 to 21.                                                                $28.50/Month
                                                For the young person who does not fall under a Family or Adult/Child.

*Proof of identification for 18 yrs and older required.

 *Proof of address is required.

 *(State Identification, NC Drivers License, Bank Statement, Voided Check, or Utility Bill)